Leanne Casson - Family Day Carer

June 10, 2018

I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis with symptoms of painful, swollen?joints, regular migraines, weight loss and fatigue. As I?m anti-medication I looked for a healthier alternative to manage these symptoms and was recommended Bowen Therapy.

On my first treatment I was having a fatigue flare up and feeling very stressed from coping day to day. After the treatment I felt a little tired but relaxed and stress free. The following day I woke up pain free, happy and ready to face the day without the fatigue or stress. It was then I knew Bowen was of benefit to my RA management and took on regular visits.

After each session I felt symptoms improving, reduction in pain and less frequency. It was also helping with management of the migraines which were also becoming less frequent and intense. Other sessions relieved sore hips, one arm that wouldn?t fully extend, an ongoing headache, but after treatments I?ve been pain free, headache free and not stressed.

The following 12 month check up with my RA specialist which revealed that I only had very minimal disease activity present and if I continue to progress in a positive way I will be able to reduce my medication in 12 months time. It?s been months now since having any symptoms, my fatigue has reduced considerably, and rarely get any migraines.

With the combination of making some changes in my diet to assist my suppressed immune system, I believe Bowen has helped significantly and would highly recommended Nicola to others.