Natasha Riley – Instructor Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I went in with little knowledge about Bowen therapy but an open mind and I couldn't be happier! Nicola is gentle, calm, professional and clearly an expert in this field. She has assisted in minimising and eliminating long term pain that I had, and my sense of wellbeing and health has dramatically increased. I will be continuing my treatment regularly as my body feels in balance. I highly recommend getting treatments from Nicola. Thank you so much for all your help and commitment to my health.

Teresa Grant-Urlich – Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach

I had a Bowen treatment with Nicola a few weeks ago and at first I was a bit sceptical that it would help my frozen shoulder.
After just one session I had 15% more range of movement. I was in disbelief. Over the following week I continued to train and work as normal and noticed that the whole scapula and upper trap had released.
I have been playing sport since a young child and weight training for 26 years now. After having 3 children in my early 30's I was a successful Shape, Fitness, and Sports model competitor at an International and National level. I am now in my Mid 40's and noticing a few more aches and pains. The frozen shoulder was an injury as a result from a trail running fall. So after the benefits I have had from Nicola's treatment, I feel excited to include Bowen therapy into my fitness regime to promote optimum training benefits.
I recommend my client's Bowen therapy to incorporate into their fit lifestyle as I believe it will enhance wellbeing, health and injury prevention/treatment.

Dr Jessica Owen – Chiropractor/Soul Alignment Facilitator

I love seeing Nicola. Her sessions are amazing, I always feel so cared for and my body responds so well to her treatment. I just feel like someone has hit the re-set button and I feel so calm and back to myself. Nicola is so meant to be doing what she is doing. She is an absolute natural, highly skilled, dedicated to doing the best for her clients and is so passionate about how Bowen can help. I highly recommend this gifted practitioner to you and your family.

Marylyn – Hospital Administrator

I have had fibromyalgia for several years with painful body and debilitating headaches.? Nicola was recommended to me and after having treatment felt much improved in myself. ?The headaches were not so frequent, head fog & body soreness alleviated & improved state of mind. I would highly recommend Nicola?s expertise for fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue as with this improvement I have benefited from a better quality nights sleep & quality of life.

Leanne Casson – Family Day Carer

I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis with symptoms of painful, swollen?joints, regular migraines, weight loss and fatigue. As I?m anti-medication I looked for a healthier alternative to manage these symptoms and was recommended Bowen Therapy.

On my first treatment I was having a fatigue flare up and feeling very stressed from coping day to day. After the treatment I felt a little tired but relaxed and stress free. The following day I woke up pain free, happy and ready to face the day without the fatigue or stress. It was then I knew Bowen was of benefit to my RA management and took on regular visits.

After each session I felt symptoms improving, reduction in pain and less frequency. It was also helping with management of the migraines which were also becoming less frequent and intense. Other sessions relieved sore hips, one arm that wouldn?t fully extend, an ongoing headache, but after treatments I?ve been pain free, headache free and not stressed.

The following 12 month check up with my RA specialist which revealed that I only had very minimal disease activity present and if I continue to progress in a positive way I will be able to reduce my medication in 12 months time. It?s been months now since having any symptoms, my fatigue has reduced considerably, and rarely get any migraines.

With the combination of making some changes in my diet to assist my suppressed immune system, I believe Bowen has helped significantly and would highly recommended Nicola to others.

Connie Page – Medical Herbalist

Nicola's healing touch in combination with her Bowen Therapy simply blows my mind. I remember after my first session with Nicola I had the best sleep ever. (Normally I'd wake up 2-3 times per night). I now see Nicola whenever I feel out of whack, in pain, or exhausted. Even after one session I feel much better.

John Riddle

I was treated by Nicola yesterday afternoon for a painful jaw muscle. I also had congested sinuses from a lingering head cold. After a gentle and successful treatment for my jaw muscle, Nicola also confidently told me that by today, my head cold would be a lot better. I couldn't believe it but by lunch-time, I was breathing clearly through my nose again and the tightness/pressure in my sinuses had also disappeared! Today was the first day in a week that I felt 100% again! Thanks Nicola.

Suellen Weiss

Super cynical me decided to try bowen. My sad, long-time- neglected & severely deteriorated body has responded remarkably well to the few sessions of bowen over the last couple of months. I cant fathom how it works but i know proof in the pudding is that some major ailments have improved remarkedly with no other interventions (& I'm the first to say i love a remedial massage and chiro crack-up). Heartburn, sciatica, tight neck & shoulder all highly improved or better. A1.

Ashlee Lynch

Nicola is an amazing Bowen therapist, I saw her throughout my pregnancy right up until the last week. Nicola helped me with all the pains that come with pregnancy- Back problems, inflamed legs and feet, nausea. She also helped me with my neck and shoulders whilst breastfeeding which helped with headaches and tiredness. I highly recommend Nicola! Thanks again.

Kasia Palko

I have received two Bowen Therapy sessions from Nicola from Elaya Natural Therapies in Coolum a little while ago. Prior to the sessions, I experienced knee pain and general tiredness. The sessions were conducted in a very professional manner. I felt safe and taken care of the whole time. The instructions given by Nicola were clear and simple. The noticeable changes in me started after the very first session! My knee pain was completely gone and haven’t returned since. My energy level and my general well-being have improved. Many thanks to Nicola for her wonderful help.

Kasia Palko Behavioural Specialist & Early Childhood Educator